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ATA is a technology-forward guide that helps organizations navigate rapid technology change. We give technology decision-makers the intelligence they need to make smart decisions fast and with less risk. Our approach is always to consider the current, desired, and future states, creating a path for our customers to find the solutions that empower stakeholders to do more, be agile, and remain secure.

Go farther, faster!

We understand that time is your most valuable resource. We give our customers the gift of having time back while we manage the laborious technology procurement and implementation process. By having experience, relationships, industry-leading tools, and market intelligence (powered by AVANT), we are able to expedite these processes and reduce the time to outcome without compromising.

Be better, together!

We connect your people with the right technology. We meet customers where they are first and guide them to their desired future state by leveraging all we know from thousands of transactions and the collective intellectual capital from our team and our partners. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations of all sizes and government entities navigate technology change efficiently and with less risk.

How ATA works

ATA’s process-driven approach ensures consistent and outstanding results for our customers.


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Imagine a Future with ATA

We envision a world where organizations have a trusted source of intelligence that they can leverage to be agile in their technology decision-making without compromising on risks, rates, terms, or the integrity of their mission. A partner that can bring them together with the solutions and vendors that are the best fit so their people have the tools they need to succeed

That’s ATA; let’s start something great together!