Partner with ATA

To connect your customers with the technology they need

ATA works with a host of different trusted advisors to organizations through our referral program. We can assist you in providing value-added solutions to meet your clients' technology needs. Join today to help your customers with their digital transformation journey.

Types of Referral Partners We Support

Technology advisors, consultants, and agents
VARs and MSPs

Cybersecurity consultants and providers
Commercial insurance brokers and agents, Cyber insurance specialists
Commercial real estate brokers

And more!

How it works

Step 1:

Choose which program is right for you.

  1. Referral – Simply provide us with a warm, qualified lead, and we will handle the rest. Enjoy benefits for successful referrals.
  2. Agent – Actively engage in the sales cycle and customer relationship alongside us, and benefit from enhanced rewards.

Step 2:

Identify customers that are currently or soon to be navigating technology change

Step 3:

Make an introduction

Step 4:

Depending on your chosen program, either stand by or help us with the sale.

Step 5:

Receive rewards for successful deals once they are finalized and billed.

Talk to us to become an ATA Partner today!