ATA Trusted Advisors Announces a Rebrand

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Rockville, MD,
February 1, 2024ATA Trusted Advisors proudly announces the rebranding of their organization, complete with a new visual identity, that speaks to their vision: connecting people with the technology that can empower them to be exceptional in their work.

This strategic initiative, created in partnership with an outside brand/marketing consultancy, serves to better communicate their commitments, values, and position to valued customers and stakeholders. ATA takes a personal approach to relationship management and technology advising, putting the agility, resilience, and efficiency of the individuals that comprise an organization first. This is based on their core belief that people are what make the difference in an organization and that technology is a powerful tool to help them be successful.

ATA’s new brand strategy features a new logo and tagline, at the nexus of people and technology. The logo features an “X” motif, indicative of crossroads, with an arrow pointing to the center, a representation of ATA’s position at the center of joining people with the technology that helps them thrive.

In addition to the new logo, ATA has reiterated its resounding commitments through a series of core values that articulate its commitment to customers, which are:

  • We go further
  • We go deeper
  • We are advocates
  • We think it’s personal
  • We give back

ATA is proud to guide its clients through new frontiers of technology with unmatched acumen, an arsenal of powerful tools, and the experience that is so crucial to providing wise counsel. The ATA team sincerely values the success of their clients, making client goals and needs the highest priority and providing the professional, above-and-beyond service they have long been known for. It is with great pride and pleasure that they synchronize these long-held beliefs and differentiators with their brand identity.

Since its inception, ATA Trusted Advisors has been committed to their role as expert technology advisors, connecting people with technology that empowers. Their vision is as follows: a world where IT organizations have a trusted source of intelligence that they can leverage to be agile in their technology decision-making without compromising on risks, rates, terms, or the integrity of their mission. A partner that can bring them together with the solutions and vendors that are the best fit, so that their people have the tools they need to succeed.

To learn how ATA can help connect your people with the technology that will help them succeed, contact

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